Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Multilevel Earth -Exploring the downward flow of breath, strong support, grounded surrender.

    • Gentle Earth Practice. Exploring the Earth Breath, grounding class focusing on legs, feet and hips.

    • Earth Relaxation with sound bath and Affirmation

  • 3


    • Multilevel practice inspired by water, moving to the flow of life

    • Gentle class exploring the water element, movement flows and practices

    • Relaxation with Meditation on Breath and Yoni Mudra

  • 4


    • Multilevel Transformative Fire, focusing on core, hips and twists.

    • Gentle practice, moving from a centring breath to stoke our inner fire.

    • Relax into the centring breath

  • 5


    • Multilevel Air Class open and expanded. Breath of the Heart

    • Gentle Air Class. Open to give and receive

    • Air of the Heart Relaxation with Yam mantra

  • 6


    • Multilevel Ether with the so hum breath.

    • Gentle Ether. Qualities of spaciousness and openness.

    • Relaxation with subtle energy of Breath and So Hum